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Supplying raw materials to all branches of industry

Imlitex is one of the largest companies in Lithuania to specialise in the supply of packaging and packing materials as well as raw materials for the food, fodder, textile and agricultural sectors. We commenced operations in 1994. We are continually expanding and we belong to Imlitex Holdings, which unites companies of differing business profiles. Along with our partners we conscientiously conduct commercial operations in Lithuania and abroad. We organise our activities according to the following management standards: quality (ISO 9001:2008); environmental safety (ISO 14001:2004); and food safety (ISO 22000:2005). Our business clients and partners value us as a company that is reliable and seeks to establish a long-term relationship.

We offer you a total package of services

This is our second decade of successful operation. Since we first started our operations our Company has created many specific commercial elements. Today we can offer our clients a total package of services: from energy supply to provision of raw materials, storage, transport, finance, marketing, buying the clients’ products, etc.

Operating throughout Europe and in Asia

Our Company strives to provide services of the highest quality. To this end, Imlitex has signed contracts with reliable suppliers in more than 70 countries.  The raw materials we supply are purchased and appreciated in in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Scandinavia, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia; and our textile raw materials are purchased and appreciated in countries such as Italy, Portugal, France, Germany, Greece and Bulgaria.

Our Company is interested in ensuring that clients’ businesses thrive

Imlitex has in its team qualified specialists who are interested in ensuring that our clients’ businesses thrive.  We manage to offer our clients non-standard solutions to their problems. We always search for the best and most economically effective solutions. Imlitex works together with its client to achieve a common goal; therefore our Company is valued as a reliable strategic partner because of our goals and our principles of operation.

E-mail info@imlitex.lt
IBAN LT397300010002269930
Europos pr. 124, LT-46351 Kaunas, 
Tel. (+370 37) 337908 
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