Full logistics services; we have all the permits required to store raw materials and food products

Imlitex provides multi-faceted transportation and storage services. In our storage facilities in Kaunas (7,000 m²), Kėdainiai (16,000 m²), Panevėžys (55,000 m²) and Romania (2,000 m²) we store various types of grain, raw materials for the food industry, packaging for various products and raw materials for the textile industry and agriculture. We can also store frozen goods and chemical substances.

Our Company has all the required permits and we provide the full range of services associated with storage: goods are received and orders put together; bar codes and/or necessary labels are pasted on. Our modern warehouse management system (Navision 2010 Business Management Module) allows us to track turnover of goods, to keep detailed records of them and to ensure the control and security of cargo.

Exact amount of ordered goods supplied to our clients on time and safely, in the place required

We transport raw materials by road transport, sea and rail. We make special transport arrangements for particular cargos such as chalk and grain.

Imlitex always seeks and offers the most economical solution. We coordinate transport routes according to the type of cargo and its point of origin. We have installed a transport management system that allows us to effectively plan all transport flows and to ensure that there are no late deliveries.

Our Company has its own fleet of vehicles and we can arrange deliveries within Lithuania.

Each Imlitex warehouse has an operational railway branch line entering its territory, enabling us to promptly transport the raw materials required by clients and to receive incoming cargo.

Work organised to fulfil obligations to clients concerning safety and quality of raw materials

At Imlitex we work to ISO quality standards. We have a quality department, which enables us to ensure continual provision of suitable services. We continually supervise and maintain our fleet of vehicles in order to be able to guarantee top quality and secure transportation of raw materials.

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