Packaging and packaging materials

Packaging and packaging materials supplied for various branches of industry

Imlitex is the largest supplier of packaging and packaging materials in Lithuania. We supply our wide range of products to the food, chemical, biochemical, automotive chemical and other branches of industry. We collaborate with reliable foreign suppliers. We can offer our clients a wide range of products:

  • Glass containers - glass jars, glass bottles;
  • Preserving jar caps;
  • Plastic containers - bottles, cans, dishes, buckets;
  • Packing materials - films, nets, etc.;
  • Disposable containers;
  • Cardboard products;
  • Wood.

Product range determined by client needs

We shape our product range in such a way that every client can find what he is looking for. We at Imlitex are specialists in this field. We advise on how to pack specific products and on which packaging parameters to choose. You can consult with us about packaging questions and together we will find a suitable solution.

Every effort made to ensure the quality of products supplied

Our Company acts as the client’s partner and together we search for suitable solutions. Imlitex totally guarantees the quality of its products. We have hygienic certificates for the products that do not come in contact with comestibles and for those that do. Our internal quality department checks incoming packaging, thereby additionally ensuring compliance with quality requirement standards.

Partnership relationship guaranteed a at every stage of collaboration

At Imlitex we continually monitor clients’ manufacturing changes, carefully adjusting orders and checking blueprints; therefore we put together clients’ orders according to the clients’ specific needs. We seek to lighten our clients’ workloads by pasting bar codes on products and formatting plastic buckets or lids with textual or visual material.

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